Five Reasons Why Jennifer Callahan Is The Right Pick For Cook County Judge

Vote For Jennifer: June 28th, 2022

By Jennifer Callahan
Democrat For Cook County Judge

Cook County, IL On June 28th, 2022, Cook County residents will mail in their ballots or visit a voting booth to cast their votes.  One of the positions on the ballot is that of Countywide Judge.  This voting season, there are 10 very qualified Democrats running for the vacancy. Jennifer Patricia Callahan, Punch 200, is among the highly qualified candidates. Here are the top 5 reasons that voters should consider voting for Jennifer.

She's “Recommended” Or “Qualified” By ALL Evaluating Bar Associations.

Firstly, Jennifer Callahan is the only woman in the Mason Vacancy to be rated “Qualified” or “Recommended” by each of the reviewing bar associations. In fact, four of the candidates have been found not qualified/not recommended.

So, what exactly does this mean and why is it important?

Bar associations concern themselves with professional ethics, continuing legal education, and networking. They evaluate law firms and lawyers in an effort to maintain the usefulness of the legal profession by allowing consumers the transparency needed to have a positive legal experience.

The Chicago Bar Association(CBA), for example, states clearly that their objective is to establish and maintain the dignity of the profession of the law.  After evaluating Jennifer, the CBA found that “Jennifer Patricia Callahan is “Qualified” for the office of Circuit Court Judge.”

“Jennifer Patricia Callahan is “Qualified” for the office of Circuit Court Judge. Ms. Callahan was admitted to practice law in Illinois in 2006 and is currently engaged in private practice concentrating in insurance defense, criminal law, and administrative law matters. Ms. Callahan also serves as an Administrative Law Judge for the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. Prior to entering private practice Ms. Callahan served as an Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney for 11 years. Ms. Callahan has an excellent temperament and demeanor and is well regarded for her knowledge of the law and legal ability.”

The Chicago Council Of Lawyers is a member-based organization that focuses on the benefit of non-members, particularly poor and disadvantaged populations who often have unequal access to the justice system.  After evaluating Jennifer, they determined “Ms Callahan is praised for her legal ability and knowledge of the law and she is reported to exhibit great patience and sensitivity toward those she has prosecuted and those she now defends.”

“Jennifer Patricia Callahan was admitted to practice in 2006. She is a sole practitioner, but spent most of her career as an Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney. She has substantial litigation experience including prosecuting complex felony cases in the Narcotics Prosecutions Bureau, and as a prosecutor in the Alternative Prosecutions Unit where she handled cases in Drug, Mental Health, and Veterans Treatment Courts. Ms Callahan is praised for her legal ability and knowledge of the law and she is reported to exhibit great patience and sensitivity toward those she has prosecuted and those she now defends. She is also praised for her litigation skills. The Council finds her Qualified for the Circuit Court.”

The Illinois State Bar Association(ISBA) is considered to be the “voice of the legal profession”, and rightfully so. One of their stated objectives is to maintain and improve professional standards to ensure the efficient and effective practice of law. After evaluating Jennifer, the ISBA stated “Ms. Jennifer Patricia Callahan qualified to serve as a judge to the Circuit Court of Cook County.”

“Jennifer Patricia Callahan was licensed in 2006. From 2006 until 2017 she was an assistant state’s attorney with assignments in First Municipal, Narcotics and the Alternative Prosecutions Unit. In 2017 she opened a solo practice handling criminal defense and transactional matters, some civil matters, and also serving as an administrative law judge for the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. She is a volunteer with Chicago Volunteer Legal Services and helps with mock trials. She is considered by attorneys to be prepared, punctual, and knowledgeable with high integrity. Attorneys particularly stated that while assigned to the Alternative Prosecutions Unit she did a good job and was sensitive to the situations that arose in diversion courts. ISBA finds Ms. Jennifer Patricia Callahan qualified to serve as a judge to the Circuit Court of Cook County.”

Diverse Legal Experience Includes Criminal Prosecution, Criminal Defense, Civil Defense, Transactional Law, Administrative Law.

Jennifer attended The John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL where she participated in Moot Court as a two time best brief award recipient, served as a council member of the Trial Advocacy and Dispute Resolution Honors Board, and twice received the Edward Rosenberg Memorial Scholarship.

Jennifer worked as a law clerk for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office in the Gang and Auto Theft Units of the Special Prosecutions Bureau. Immediately following her graduation from John Marshall Law School, Jennifer was hired as an Assistant State’s Attorney for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. Her first assignment was in the First Municipal Division prosecuting a variety of misdemeanor cases and litigating motions, bench and jury trials. During that time, Jennifer also assisted in the Community Prosecutions division where she worked directly with CAPS and active community members to fight neighborhood crime. Jennifer was then promoted to the Narcotics Prosecutions Bureau where she handled hundreds of complex felony cases. She litigated hundreds of felony motions, bench trials and jury trials. Jennifer then served in the Alternative Prosecutions Unit of the State’s Attorney’s Office handling cases in the Drug Treatment Court, Mental Health Treatment Court and Veteran’s Treatment Court.

Jennifer worked on teams consisting of judges, public defenders, probation officers, treatment providers, social services and other professionals who worked together to provide treatment, employment opportunities and housing so non-violent offenders could work to better their lives and avoid jail.

Jennifer currently manages her solo practice where she represents clients on a variety of legal matters, including criminal defense and transactional work. In addition, she works as retained council for an in-house insurance defense firm defending employment claims. Jennifer also handles Administrative Hearings as an ALJ for a state agency. In her civil practice, Jennifer has represented clients in agency matters, administrative matters and in civil court proceedings.

Currently Serves As An Administrative Law Judge, Previously Served As An Assistant State’s Attorney

An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) in the United States is a judge and trier of fact who both presides over trials and adjudicates the claims or disputes involving administrative law.

An Assistant State’s Attorney(ASA), or “state prosecutor”, is the title applied to all attorneys working in a state’s attorney’s office, with the exception of the state’s attorney. An ASA is hired or appointed to the position by the elected state’s attorney and derives the power to act on behalf of the state in criminal prosecutions through the state’s attorney.

ASAs decide what criminal charges to bring, and when and where a person will answer to those charges. In carrying out their duties, ASAs have the authority to investigate persons, grant immunity to witnesses and accused criminals, and plea bargain with defendants. The caseload of an ASA is generally regarded as being high in volume, with an ASA having anywhere from a few dozen to several hundred active cases at any given time.

Generally the benefits of this role include the opportunity to amass trial experience, perform a public service, and network professionally.


Endorsed By The Chicago Federation Of Labor

The Chicago Federation Of Labor is tasked with fighting a seemingly uphill battle to save jobs, ensure fairness for workers and promote justice in the workplace. Thanks to the leadership of their Executive Board and the commitment of their affiliated local unions, they are able to make a difference for working people in Chicago and throughout Cook County.

The Chicago Federation of Labor is the umbrella organization for Chicago and Cook County’s labor unions. The CFL’s 300 affiliated unions and their half a million members represents a diverse group of working men and women.

Jennifer’s endorsement from the CFL is another major difference from the rest of the candidates running for Cook County Judge in 2020.

Lifelong Cook County Resident Born And Raised In Oak Lawn; Currently Resides In Chicago With Her Four Children

Jennifer grew up in Oak Lawn, IL with her parents and five siblings. She graduated from Mother McAuley High School in Chicago and earned her B.S. in Business Administration from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Being a lifelong resident of Cook County, from grade school to law school and beyond, Jennifer has witnessed and experienced the many changes that have taken place in Cook County’s diverse communities over the years.